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Annual Report 2021-2022

The Bentley Promise

To pursue academic excellence from Kindergarten
to the threshold of college,

To cherish potential and, even more, fulfill it;

To explore the arts, to love the sciences,
and embrace curiosity of all kinds;
To teach us all how to think, but not what to think;

To feel the balance of mind and body
that comes from companionship on the field of play;
To lead when the time is to lead,

And learn critical thinking that makes for good, reasoned choices;

To celebrate diversity in thought and deed,

And be a citizen of the world in all the best senses;

To expect a lot of yourself,

But care and cooperate for the good of all;

In sum, to feel the enthusiasm and fun

That make learning a lifetime pursuit —

These are the goals of Bentley School,

and the community inside and around it.



Dear Bentley Community,


It is with gratitude for each of you that I share the news of another successful philanthropic year at Bentley through support of the 2021-22 Annual Fund and the Senior Class Gift for Faculty Development. This was a remarkable effort by the entire Bentley community as we shifted back to in-person learning and began resuming the events we so greatly missed. The strength of an independent school is often measured by its philanthropic support, and last year’s success is an illustration of your selfless spirit and dedication to Bentley’s students and the faculty and staff who care for them. In total, over $740,000 was donated during the 2021-22 school year, supporting our people, places, and programs. We are grateful to each and every one of you for your ongoing and generous support.


In addition to supporting the professional growth of our faculty, staff, and administration,

the 2021-22 Annual Fund allowed for a number of critical enhancements to our campuses, including the addition of a new deck on the Hiller campus, as well as HVAC installation schoolwide. The support of our parent population allows Bentley to maintain the standard of excellence in teaching and learning that it has enjoyed for over a century.


As I begin my first year as Head of School, I’m honored to lead a community that has consistently shown its support year after year. Our desire to elevate philanthropy at Bentley has only grown because of that support. As we look ahead to the next 100 years, there is very little we cannot accomplish when we partner together.


Christie Moncharmont

Head of School

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Bentley prides itself on having a faculty that embodies the school’s motto, Scire Desidero: I Desire to Know. Throughout our distinctive 100+ year history, the School has ensured a host of scholarly opportunities for educators and administrators to maintain their professional edge and enhance the entire community; goals central to the school’s mission and continual development. Ongoing professional development allows teachers and administrators to generate new methods of instruction, collaborate with other leaders in their fields, and bring those tools back to campus. Thanks to the generosity of our community, in 2021-22, faculty were able to attend conferences and enrichment experiences in the following areas: 


  • Independent School Management Conference: Transforming Academic Leadership


  • CA State Athletic Directors Association Meeting 


  • Fertile Ground: National Conference on Education for the Ceramic Arts

  • Colored Clay Using Mason Stains  

  • Intro to Handbuilt Vases & Ikebana-inspired Floral Design with Found Floral 

  • Letterpress Workshop


  • American Association of Teachers of French Conference


  • Independent School Management Conference: Chairing Your Department - The First Five Years

  • Exeter Humanities Institute West

  • California Teacher Development Collaborative: Department Chairs Institute 

  • California Teacher Development Collaborative: Teaching Foundations

  • ORIAS Summer Institute for Teachers (UC Berkeley program)

  • National Endowment for the Humanities: Professional Development Programs

  • Learning and the Brain: Summer Institutes


  • Deans Roundtable Conference


  • NEH Abolitionism and the Underground Railroad (summer)


  • California Teacher Development Collaborative: Equity as Excellence


  • Association for Independent School Admissions Professionals

  • Crow's Nest 2022


  • Western Association for College Counseling Annual Conference

  • Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools 


Gifts to the Annual Fund also help the school prioritize campus improvements, especially when reacting to unprecedented challenges. Below is a list of some of the high-level improvements made to both campuses: 


  • Installed a new restroom to support our non-binary students

  • Re-finished and restored the gym floor to its original sheen

  • Completely renovated the visual arts/ceramics room for better pedagogical flow and organization


  • Installed brand new general play turf with safety padding on the Big Green, surrounded by an upgraded and rebuilt retaining wall

  • Created additional play space on the Hiller campus by removing hedges on the Oval and replacing them with general play turf and safety padding 

  • Remodeled the outdoor student picnic areas and installed new pavers and a new wooden deck 

  • Resealed the Blacktop and added additional 4-square game areas around the Oval

  • Added HVAC units throughout the majority of campus classrooms

  • Began the process of replacing all of the Cat-5 cabling on campus with Fiber and Cat-6  cabling for improved internet access in classrooms



Letter from the Board President

2021-22 Board Members

Operating Revenue & Expenses


Hughes photo from AR18-19.png



Milt Capsimalis

Marc Chhina

Mohamed Fahmi

John Foster - Board Vice President

Rebecca Harlow (Alumna)

Mike Hughes - Board President

Dave Hummel

Lucinda Igarashi - Secretary

Helene Jepson

Nancy Kami

David Kaplan

Jodi Noack

Shankar Sastry

Edward Smith

Phred Starkweather

Dear Bentley Community,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, our sincere thanks to all of you who generously contributed to the 2021-22 Annual Fund, Senior Class Gift, and other critical fundraising areas. Your contributions over the past two years were critical to ensuring Bentley kept its community safe and maintained its level of excellence in teaching and learning during some of our most challenging times. We express deep gratitude to BPA President Reagan Brooks-Jimenez and the rest of the BPA Executive Committee for giving their time, talent, and treasure to Bentley. Their work in strengthening parent partnerships has allowed us to emerge from the pandemic excited and ready for the year ahead. We have an opportunity not only to increase annual participation but also propel Bentley forward with a more robust fundraising program than ever before.


Bentley recently concluded its annual audit, and I’m happy to share that the funds we raise continue to go back into the classroom and support our outstanding faculty with new programs, campus and facilities improvements, and a deep commitment to professional development and growth. The school remains on firm financial footing with strong operations on both campuses.


The Board of Trustees continues to support our new Head of School in evaluating Bentley’s strategic priorities, ensuring financial sustainability, and taking a long-term approach to what the next 100 years of this remarkable institution could look like. Once again, thank you for your support as we help transform the lives of every student at Bentley School.

Mike Hughes

President, Board of Trustees

Mike Hughes Signature.jpg
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GIVING 2021-22

Bentley Annual Fund (unrestricted + restricted) 
Class of 2022 Gift, Other Endowment (restricted) and In-Kind 
$   706,686.65
$     40,487.76
$   747,174.41

EXPENSES 2021-22

16% General Administration

19% Financial Aid

65% Program

REVISED Graph #1 transpbkgrnd.png


97% Tuition/Fee

3% Fundraising



We share the 2021-22 Annual Report to recognize and honor our donors—parents, trustees, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends—who have so generously contributed to the advancement of Bentley School. Our continued growth and success rest on our ability to maintain a balance of prudent financial management while continuing to enhance student programs and activities.



Throughout our 100+ year history, Bentley has continued to thrive because of the extraordinary philanthropy and deep-rooted commitment of our community. Your support of the Annual Fund not only enhances our core academic programs, it also enriches student life, supports small class sizes, offers robust professional development opportunities for our teachers, enables annual facility enhancements, and strengthens our community. We are grateful for every gift, no matter the size, and we know that an institution flourishes when the entire community feels invested in and responsible for its success. The following report recognizes gifts made between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.

Margaret Bentley Society

John and Sabrina Foster

Lucinda and Mitsuru Igarashi

Reagan Brooks-Jimenez and Larry Jimenez

Phoenix Society


Jennifer Haas

Ginnie & Peter Haas Jr. Fund

S. Shankar Sastry and Claire Tomlin

Phred and Karen Starkweather

Bentley Benefactors

Mike and Silvia Hughes

Dave and Trudi Hummel

Nina and Fred Oliai

Nate and Megan Slater

Edward and Anne Smith

Mark Wechser and Jennifer Grancio

Head of School's Circle


Mandeep Ahluwalia and Inder Singh

Emily Arnold and Brendan Glackin

Lucy and Richard Chen

Walter Chen and Xiao Qing-Chen

Marc and Mandi Chhina

Davin and Yen Yen Chow

Corry Dekker and Dino Dina

Mohamed and Sara Fahmi

Kerry and John Friedrichs

Steven Go and Deanna Kiser-Go

Sara Guyer and Scott Strauss

Whitney Hischier and Simon Morris

June Lee and Michael J. Minzenberg

Gemini and Joshua McCasland

Melinda and Noam Ragins

Vanessa and Tim Ripsteen

Lendell and Tamika Thompson

Amanda and Brian Walter

Kevin Wilson and Linda Braly

Bob Yan

Stephanie and Russell Young

light blue element.png
"I support the Bentley Annual Fund because I love this school; the academic program is uniquely excellent among independent schools, and the culture nurtures balance and self-determination in our students. Most of all, I give because the students bring so much joy and intellectual curiosity into the classroom each day, and I want to give back to honor their presence and further enhance the program and mission of Bentley School."

– Dr. John Walker, Upper School English Teacher

1920s Founders' Club

Zahira Ahmed and Sadi Chowdhury

Corbin and Karen Bennett

Sarah and Jonathan Bromma

Eddie Cao and Lei Wang

Milt and Arlene Capsimalis

Jenny Chatman and Russell Barnett

Gina and James Cook

Trevor Darrell and Lisa Hagstrom

Matthew and Kit DeMarco

Patrick Galvin and Sharon Flanagan

Samantha Good

Sonya and Gavin Grover

Susan Guillet and Albert Camarena

Rebecca Harlow (Alumna)

Christine Haskett

Joseph Heanue and Laura Vitez

Yoko and John Ishihara

Brandyn and Dane Iverson

Helene and Erik Jepson

David and Lisa Kaplan

Juanita Kennedy Osborn and Mike Osborn

John and Yanett Kenney

Alexis and Michael Kessler

Lakshmireddy Lakireddy '03

Alvin and Cassandra Lee

Chiamin Liau and Mike Drake

Meredith Lincoln and Michel Langlois

Cheng Liu

Christie Moncharmont and
     Jordan Moncharmont '04

Jodi Noack

Juliana Park and Christopher Gee

Prakesh and Jaina Patel

Bob Pell

Karl Runft and Christina Latta

Edric and Miyo Saito

David Sharnoff and Shirley Saunders

Scott and Mona Sillers

Gina Tega

Deirdre Terry

Will and Cindy Tschumy

John and Suzanne Valentine

Michael and Polly Wong

Gillian Yu and William Tao

yellow element.png
“I believe in the expression ‘Whatever you give in life, it gives you in return!’ Bentley's generosity expands beyond its staff, students, and community. I give to Bentley every year to support the many benefits we receive daily, and I have enjoyed them for the past 26 years. I'm proud to be a part of this community, and I never think twice about donating.” 

– Alicia Bonvini, Lower School Spanish Teacher

Blue & White Club

Anonymous (3)

Katia and Peter Atanassov

Lisa and Aaron Baggs

D. Michael and Christa Bailey

Dave Barrowman and Caitlin Haberberger

Lisa and Michael Derezin

Darien Behravan

Jerome and Melanie Blaha

Debbie and Rob Budowski

Will Cazalet and Zabrae Valentine

Chloe Chan and Lance Liu

Michelle Chang and Gene Berdichevsky

Warren Chiang and Julie Chin

Rose Cohen and Emiliano Berenbaum

Craig Coombs

Nicole and Julius Cox

Tania and Ted Davis

Louis Demers and Hillary Conlon

Anastasia and Mikhail Edel

Oxana Emmerikh and Boris Fadeev

Eric Eschen and Ann Blessing

Edward Feigen and Debbie Chang

Candace and Lee Fleming

Laura and Jason Glickman

Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Iryna Dronova

Rick and Brenda Gutstadt

Barbara Modlinski-Haugen and

    Jan-Petter Haugen

Brian Hite and Stephanie Mezzanotti

Josh and Krassy Hofmann

Arlene Hogan

Sarah Holt and Peter St. Wecker

Danielle and Mitch Hookins

Dave Hoverman and Abby Smith

Hamed Javadi

Mako and Tami Jitodai

Jen and Kevin Johnson

Katie Johnston and Paul Li

Lucy and Jason Keadjian

Henry and Miriam Kim

Jones Lam and Matt Hicks

Devin and Laura Lammers

Kristi and Steven Lanzisera

David and Angela Lee

Jane Li and James Iry

Les and Marcy Lifter

Aimin and Jia Liu

Eve and Joe Maidenberg

Armida and Les Marshall

Jenn Martin

Mark McKnight (Alumna) and Alicia McKnight

Mattingly Messina

Ginelle and Jason Mills

Josephine Moh and Kevin Tam

Sharmin Khajavi and Farshid Moussavi

Jessica Natkin and Blair Biddle

Jeffrey Neaton and Emberly Nesbitt

Ben Netick (Alumnus) and Judy Netick

Kenneth and Joanne Nitzberg

Andres and Ruth Nunez

Charles and Lucila Nwatu

Matthew O'Connor and Lilia De Jesus

Apur Patel and Liz Misiaveg-Patel

Shirlene and Justin Paulk

Linda and Mark Peterson

Lucas Rachuba and Annik Hirshen

Krista and Chuck Reinhard

Daniel Sandman and Courtney Spalter Berman

Charles Schley and Hildreth Willson

Brian Schrader

Paul and Steffie Schwartz

Maria Servello

Shuang and Scott Shackelford

Don and Irene Strouzas

Miho Takarada

Yan Qing Tan

Hongju Tan

Rod and Cheryl Ubillus

Alfonso and Emilia Vasquez

Michael von Loewenfeldt and
    Rebecca Malberg von Loewenfeldt

Lauren Webster and Adam Beyda

Jeremy and Frances Wegerer

Rob Weiss and Amy Nathan

Tim Wilkinson and Nomi Harris

Emmelie Sabatte and Arthur Woo

Martin and Jenelyn Wyspianski

Katherine Yick

Maya Ynostroza Lanphere and

    Drew Lanphere

Barry Yu and Zuting Liu

Yizhe Zhang and Wenkai Xing

light blue element.png
“I give to Bentley so teachers can continue to develop new ways of engaging and inspiring students in the classroom and beyond.”

– Grey Beaudin, Middle School History Teacher

up to $999

Anonymous (5)

Edna Aguilar

Tariq Ahmad and Fatima Razvi

Christina Albetta

Brian Allen and June Chan

Tim and Didi Alley

Lindsey Almeida

Jose Alvarado

Juan Alvarado Sanchez

Rafael Alvarez

Greg and Sofia Araujo

David Arndt and Julie Park

Paul Ashby and Kb Lee

Eric Au and Jeanette Yu

Emily Austin

Steven Babiak '11

Tom Barber and Erin Park

Romy Basler

Maureen Baylis

Grey Beaudin

William Beazley

Janet and Maurice Belton

Drinda Benjamin

Ken Berman

Brian and Emily Berry

Cassindy Chao and Fred Bierhaus

Patricia Billon Calderbank and

     Mark Calderbank

Melissa Bippart

Rachel Blatt

Alicia Bonvini

Nick and Joan Boodrookas

Virginia Borges

Matthew and Sioban Bowyer

Lloyd Brown

Patrick Bruno

Greg and Shakera Buchanan

Emma Bufton

Timothy Burns and Laura Watts

Elizabeth Burr

Lawrence Busansky and Rebeca Robboy

Juan Calderon

Charles and Kristine Cardall

Hannia Casaw-Barnell and Brian Barnell

Jon and Nancy Cecchettini

Alan and Kristina Chamorro

James and Tiffany Chen

Bernadette Chi and Ray Sheen

Michelle Cho

Mary Elizabeth Clark and Bryant Palomo

Simon Clarke and Kathie-Louise Clarke

Tracy Clements and Michael Peterson

Stephanie Contreras

Don Coughlin and Anjahni Davi

Beth and David Covin

Beth Crowley

Giles Currin

Lisa Curtis '06

John Daly

Yancie Davis and Amber Bundy-Davis

Christopher and Elizabeth Dawson

Veronica Dean

Jason Dean

Jessica Delantoni

Ted Demos

Meera Desai and Charles Flinton

Preet Dhillon

John Dito and Kelly Drumm

Philip and Marina Dreyfuss

Robert Eifler

Tricia Emerson

Erica Escalante

Jacquie Escher

Lorene Espineli

Mansoor and Annette Farmanfarmaian

Christine Fernandez and Marty Ros

Seth Fernandez

Mark and Tina Fletcher

Marlon and Valerie Fojas

Richard Forscutt (Alumnus)

Paul and Sabrina Foster

Jon Fougner (Alumnus)

Katherine Francisco

Donna Friedman and Gadi Meir

Matthew and Nancy Fujikawa

Claire Gabaldon

Richard Gabri

Chelsea Garcia

Laura and Paul Geduldig

Dimple and Binu George

Jennie and Rob Goldstein

Tracey and Mitchell Grossbach

Lourdes Guillen

Mike and Beth Hammond

Andrew Hatch and Celeste Saravia

Nicole and David Heeren

Noe Hernandez

Kelsey Higbie

Joanna Hirsch

Fred Hoerner

Dewey Horton and Ann Hatanaka

Jack and Anna Hou

Amy Hsiao

Zhengyi Li and Anthony Hsu

Sheryl Hsu

Teresa Hsu

Katie Hughes

Adele Hultin

Rashid and Desiree Iqbal

Elston and Hazel Jackson

Jeffrey and Wendy Jacobs

Mike and Tamara Janson

Jenny Kim and James Jirn

Kristin Johnson

Corey Jones and Erica Loh Jones

Kelsey Jones

Ellie and Rick Judy

Edan and Jennifer Kabatchnik

Chetan and Mona Kamdar

Nancy and William Kami

Maggie Kao and Simon Yu

Andrew Kegg

Pat Kennedy and Nichele Harris

Byron Kennedy and Saowarak Makawatsakul

Dr. Deepak and Dr. Anjali Khanna

Ines Khouni and Fadi Benachour

Teri and Robert Kim

Susan and Phillip Kim

Jeffrey Knapp and Dorothy Hale

Pam and Victor Koga

Leah Korican and Brian Barlay

Alex Krasner

Dianna Laferry and Rollin Thomas

Derek and Robin Latour

Gabriel Lawrence and Sarah Colton

William and Jenny Lay

David Lazo

Cameron Lee

Michelle Lee

Lisa Bograd and David Lemberger

Ella Leung and Larry Li

Jason and Ellie Lew

Lindsay Li and Chenyin Ge

Fred and Jennifer Lim

Ying Lin and Ricky Yip

Yifeng Liu and Ning Peng

Peiqi Liu

Naomi Lotman-Ficken

Elisabeth Lowry

Marshall Lymburn '11

Maria Magliano

John Mahannah and Danielle Lockett

Jyotika Malhotra

Kristin and John Martin

Joseph Martin

Alexa Mbowa

Charles McCulloch and Louise Schulden

Christopher McLeroy and Jill Goldstein

Andrew and Debora McManus

Paul McWilliams

Zak Megeed and Christine McDonald

Mari and Craig Mielcarski

Diane Miller

Jessica Miller

Kelly Mills

Jeff and Tisha Monson

Tanya and Fred Moore

Tyrone Moore-Perez

Mona Moy and Robert Watkins

Elizabeth Muller and Rahal Waladi

Hector Muñoz

David and Meghan Murphy

Steve Myrick

Ariel Navarro

Mauricio Navarro Rangel

Rick Nelson and Sharon Murphy

Jacob Nemeroff

Ryan Nepomuceno

Rick Niese

Michael Nord and Tracie Jeng

Lori Now

Nkem Nwuneli and Amaechi Okobi

Isabelle Ord and Douglas Spear

Anne Oxenhandler

Nathan and Taylor Pacheco

Dan and Tomalika Paik

James Pannell

Katherine Parker

Greg Pearson (Alumnus)

Phillip Pease and Tamarind Fleischman

Erin and Cutter Pederson

Matthew Perry and Amanda Tyler

Tuan Pham and Rosina Zapparoni

John Pitta and Diane Oliverez-Pitta

Nick Pukstas

Phyllis Puzzo

Urmila Raghavan and Craig Kennedy

Jesse and Veronica Rainin

Rosemarie Eichner-Raja and

     Mohammad Raja

Ken Rancifer

Winston Rhodes (Alumnus) and Betsy Rhodes

Audra Robinson

Edwin Rodriguez

Ann and Tivo Rojas-Cheatham

Vicente and Abigail Roman

Simon and Laura Ross

Thomas Ryan

Fred and Susan Safipour

Hugh Salamon and Beverly King

Hector and Xochitl Salazar

Jim Schaufele

Marieka and Daniel Schotland

Bob Schug

Bill Scott and Jill Jones-Scott

Jason Scott

Kenneth and Barbara Seplow

Marissa Seto

Valerie Shapiro and Asher Hodes

Francisca Sidharta and Steffen Jasiman

Sally Simpson

Geoff and Elly Sims

Harjit Singh and Ramneet Kaur

Chris Siu and Dorothy Wong

Kurt Snyder

Kirk So

Janice Solimeno

Suzanne Sparr

Suchetha Srikanthan

Raphaelle Steinzig and Mike Godwin

Kristin and Douglas Stella

Emma Sterling

Daniel Stieber

Madeleine Stokes

Christo and Megan Swan

Lindsey Sykes

Nydia Tamayo Alvarado and 

     Jaime Uribe-Talamantes

Collyn Taylor-Kinzer

Emma Tian and John Lee

Joanna and Charles Tian

Greg Toto

Jennifer Tran

Tham Truong

Ching Tseng

Tammy and Ben Udkow

Nathalie van Linder and Anne Conley

Samia and Sam Van Peperstraete

Jen and Alan Varela

John Walker

Lori and Josh Waltzer

Susan Wayland

George Weathers

Mary Wedmore (Alumna)

Ryan Weible

Jack Werner

Malia White

Angela Williams

Tenzin Woeser and Dolma Yangzom

Kathryn Wolford

Daniel Wong

Andrew Wong

Janice Wong-Perez and Adrian Perez

Nick Wu and Catherine Skulan

Faye-Lynn Wu

Yeny Yulianty and Yohanes Sidharta

Adam Zappa

Yaling Zhu and Zhaoming Yin

We make every effort to provide a complete and accurate listing and regret any omissions or errors. If you have a correction or are interested in learning how you may support Bentley School, please contact our Advancement Team at



The Senior Class Gift is a cherished Bentley tradition where the departing senior class and their families make a gift to memorialize their time at Bentley. Each donor is encouraged to make their gift in honor of a faculty or staff member who made a positive impact on their Bentley experience. All funds raised support the Endowment for Professional Development.

The 2022 Senior Class Gift Committee was led by the Foster Family (Cole '22, Sophie '20), the Starkweather family (Emile '22), the Conley / van Linder family (Lily '22, Oliver '22), and the Benavides family (Mateo '22). Thanks to their efforts and leadership, the 2022 senior class raised more than $30,000 to support faculty and staff in developing their teaching practice and enriching the Bentley student experience. We are truly grateful to our new alumni and their families for making this lasting impact on Bentley School.


From institutions like Amherst, Bowdoin, and Columbia to Tufts, University of Chicago, and Williams, the 84 members of the Class of 2022 earned 349 offers of admission to 133 colleges and universities, enrolling at 58 different institutions.

The Class of 2022 had 25 among them remain in California for college, 55 graduates go out of state, three students attend college in Canada, and 1 student take a gap year.

Matriculations are listed below in blue.

Alfred University

American University

Amherst College

Babson College

Barnard College

Baylor University

Boston College

Boston University

Bowdoin College

Brandeis University

Bryn Mawr College

Bucknell University

Butler University

Cal Poly Humboldt

California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo)

California State University (Chico)

California State University (East Bay)

California State University (Fullerton)

California State University (Monterey Bay)

California State University (Northridge)

California State University (Sacramento)

California State University (San Marcos)

Carnegie Mellon University

Case Western Reserve University

Champlain College

Chapman University

Clemson University

Colby College

Colorado College

Colorado School of Mines

Columbia University

Connecticut College

Davidson College

DePaul University

Drexel University

Elon University

Emerson College

Emory University

Fordham University

George Washington University

Georgetown University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Hampton University

Howard University

Indiana University (Bloomington)

Ithaca College

Kenyon College

Lewis & Clark College

Loyola Marymount University

Macalester College

Marist College

Maryland Institute College of Art

McGill University

Montana State University

Mount Holyoke College

New York University

Northeastern University

Northwestern University

Oberlin College

Occidental College

Oregon State University

Parsons School of Design

Pitzer College

Pomona College

Portland State University

Pratt Institute

Purdue University (Main Campus)

Reed College

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rhode Island School of Design

Roger Williams University

Rutgers University (New Brunswick)

SUNY at Binghamton

SUNY at Purchase College

Saint Mary's College of California

San Diego State University

San Francisco State University

San Jose State University

Santa Clara University

Sarah Lawrence College

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Scripps College

Skidmore College

Sonoma State University

Stanford University

Stevens Institute of Technology

Stony Brook University

Syracuse University

Texas Christian University

The New School

The University of Montana

The University of Texas at Arlington

Tufts University

Tulane University of Louisiana

University of Arizona

University of British Columbia

University of California (Berkeley)

University of California (Davis)

University of California (Irvine)

University of California (Los Angeles)

University of California (Merced)

University of California (Riverside)

University of California (San Diego)

University of California (Santa Barbara)

University of California (Santa Cruz)

University of Chicago

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Connecticut

University of Delaware

University of Denver

University of Hawaii at Hilo

University of Hawaii at Manoa

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Kansas

University of La Verne

University of Maine

University of Michigan

University of Missouri (Columbia)

University of New England

University of New Hampshire (Main Campus)

University of New Mexico (Main Campus)

University of Oregon

University of Pennsylvania

University of Puget Sound

University of San Diego

University of San Francisco

University of Southern California

University of Toronto

University of Utah

University of Victoria

University of Washington (Seattle Campus)

Vassar College

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Washington University in St. Louis

Wellesley College

Whitman College

Whittier College

Willamette University

Williams College

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Xavier University

Xavier University of Louisiana

Field for AR.jpg


From parents and alumni to foundations and corporations, those who support Bentley School come from myriad backgrounds. What they share is a belief in Bentley's mission and a commitment to advancing it.

The following options are available to anyone who would like to make a gift to Bentley School. Donations may be made outright or pledged and paid over a defined period of time. Please contact the Advancement Office at 925-900-4083 or to make a gift or discuss these options in detail. All gifts made to Bentley School are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.



Cash or Check gifts may be mailed to:

Bentley School

Attn: Advancement Office

1000 Upper Happy Valley Road

Lafayette, CA 94549



Gifts can be made with a credit card online at:

(Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover accepted)



Please contact the Advancement Office or visit:

for stock transfer information.



A planned gift (also known as a deferred or estate gift) is a wonderful way to support Bentley and may provide additional tax or financial benefits. Please consult with your tax advisor for more information.



Please ask your human resources department to learn if your company will match your gift. This potential option is an easy way to double the size of your impact!



fade element.png

Dear Bentley Supporters, 


Thank you all for your support of the 2021-22 Annual Fund. Your contributions provide the margin of excellence that allows Bentley to operate at the highest standards our families expect and deserve. Not only do your gifts benefit our students, but they directly support our remarkable teachers in the classroom.


We strive for 100% family participation in the Annual Fund and are grateful for a deeply committed faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees. As we look to the 2022-23 school year and prepare to launch another ambitious Annual Fund campaign, we are asking for you to join us once again. If you have any questions about philanthropy at Bentley, please contact our team at We look forward to serving you and this community for years to come.

With your support, we can go further, together.


© Bentley School 2022


1 Hiller Drive
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 843-2512

9 - 12 CAMPUS

1000 Upper Happy Valley Rd.
Lafayette, CA 94549
(925) 283-2101

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